Pruning Big Trees

Fall is coming, and it’s a great time to evaluate the trees near your Long Island home for pruning and shaping needs. Joe’s Complete Tree Service provides you with excellent assessments of how you can prepare your large trees for winter. Fall trimming and shaping keep your home safe from falling branches through the winter. When spring comes, your trees will still look their best! Let’s look at what the big trees on your property might need this fall….

Thinning and raising are two types of mature tree pruning that should be performed periodically to improve the form and shape of the plant, to eliminate interference with objects and structures, and to compensate for structural weaknesses. Research shows that thinning, the removal of live branches to reduce density, significantly reduces wind resistance and subsequent storm damage. Pruning of lower branches, know as raising, also can be used to increase the amount of light for turf grass and ground covers beneath the crown of a tree. Trained arborists evaluate the condition of your trees and determine the type(s) of pruning required to balance your goals and those of managing plant health and safety. A tree expert can assess the best course of action to help keep your trees looking great and growing safely.